This is public monitoring software and the computers under supervision would receive the notices. This software only can be used when the user get the acceptance from the owner of device. The application would not save or record any personal information of users.

KBVISION REMOTE is the LAN network monitoring software specializing in internal computer monitoring for the human resource management of the company. KBVISION REMOTE would be installed in the host in order to manage the whole clients (staff’s computers). All of the data would be recorded in the host, then the manager can immediately check or re-check at anytime. This software only need installing in the clients at once, then it would secretly run on the clients without others knowing and no one can stop this process.

Large customization

Control panel is encoded in Delphi, agent is encoded by C++ for effect and speed. Agent size: ~ 100Kb.

Runs on Windows

Including Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 (32-64bit included) and Windows Sever.

Fast connection

By using KeepAlive system and safe associated address, the connection would never lost between the host and clients.

Encoded connection

100% connection encoded crossing TCP/IP protocol suite for protecting transmitted data. None of byte can be sent without encoding.

Variety options

Many choices for user to adjust Remcos relevant to their demand. Total is 26 different image topics.


Control one or two or all of the clients at the same time. All functions can be activated simoultaneously.

Remote Screenshot mode

Helping the user to immediately
capture any actions of their

Manage the files

Checking and controlling the download/upload files or folders, the delete files or applications and others in the client computer.

Searching for the files

The user can search and find out any files, folders or applications in any client computer.

System Manager

Process manager, Service Manager, Register Manager and more.

Optional power

Shutdown, Restart, Sleep
and Hibernate

Control panel&scripting

Totally having the command simulator for computer remote control operations under terminal unit mode or easier running the files.


1. Monitoring, recording, playing all images of the client computers (staff’s computer); supporting to monitor via the surveillance devices.
2. Monitoring and recording the website URL, block or unblock the websites of the client computers.
3. Remote monitoring and controlling the client computers as on the host computer.
4. Monitoring, managing the staffs by the blank list that approves the client computer to access to the websites only for work.
5. Controlling the using time of any client computers. (This is the significant data for the manager to check and consider the performance of each staff).

6. Viewing and forcing the saving or deleting of valued files to the host (such as Word or Excel).
7. Managing and limiting the download capacity of each client computer, do not allow any big using of network for private purposes. Analysing andresulting in monthly report of the most using network computer.
8. Monitoring the chatting history of QQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and other applications.
9. Managing the sent/received emails, supporting to setup password under SSL.
10. Controlling and preventing the staffs to watch online movies, play online games or connect USB.

11. Recording the hardware changes on the client computer in time.
12. Controlling all histories of: USB connection, CD-DCD using and delete/copy files.